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If you are looking for handcrafted, unique, one-of-a-kind gift – this is the place to be!

One of my favorite pastimes is Restyle, Reuse, Refurbish and Repurpose, the 4 R’s!  Although I enjoy using any object in that past-time, I prefer using vintage jewelry!  There is just something special being able to use the 4 R’s with that jewelry!  The way older homes and their architecture have such style and beauty, I view vintage jewelry the same way.  Of course, their ‘Bling’ adds to their beauty!  Even though working with the jewelry is really thrilling, I must add, the hunt for the jewelry is also!

The majority of the words I create, Hopefully, are inspirational words, ones that will bring a good feeling and a smile!  Personal names and words (as long as they are not obscene and are within my discretion) are also created upon request. Most of the Jewelry I use are vintage, but there may be a few newer ones also.

We will be continuing to add product and features, so please check our site often.

Below is the picture gallery of some of my products.   If, for any reason, you have questions, please contact me. Thank you for visiting our site.

We also have our arts/crafts listed on Go Imagine (handmade only) and  Etsy Shop for The Bartlett Pair.


Video of some of my Jewelry Art products on display at one of our shows!


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