Pelican Splash prints of original


Fine art prints of the Pelican Splash painting will be sure to draw interest in your home or business.


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This listing is for beautiful vivid prints on luster paper of the original painting “Pelican Splash”.

A bit of where the print came from:

My wife and I were taking pictures of pelicans in Palacios, Texas and was fortunate to get several great pictures of pelicans. I was sitting on the bank of the Tres Palacios Bay taking pics while some fisherman were cleaning fish and tossing the remains in the bay. This big fellow practically flew into my lens hurrying to get a free meal and landed within a few feet of me! He is an adult male brown pelican and was an excellent specimen to paint. I used my photo reference to get started but for the most part painted him to suit my preferences.

Pelican Splash will look stunning in your home or business.

Our prints are run by Jimmie on a fine art printer using high quality inks and papers or canvas.  Copyright watermarks will not be on your paintings or prints. Purchase of my art, originals or in print, does not convey any copyrights.

I hope you enjoy the art work as much as I did painting it.

Thanks, Jimmie Bartlett

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12 by 18 inches, 20 by 30 inches