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Klara, an oil painting by her Great Grandfather

Klara Oil Painting

Just started, about 10% complete

About 50% complete


Butterfly on the Bougainvillea

The Butterfly on the Bougainvillea oil painting was put on the drying rack today.  It is on a 20 by 24 inch gallery wrap canvas with edges painted.  I was glad to get this one done so it would be dry enough to take to our shows in September.  I expect to take the final pictures to place on our website in about a week.

I painted a study of this scene on a 8 by 8 inch piece of masonite several years ago with intentions of painting a larger painting soon afterwards.  The larger painting took much longer and I was able to build on the shapes and colors in more detail to create a much better composition.

Butterfly on the Bougainvillea